Fire Drill

[Verse 1: Kid X]
They say I should loosen my grip
I'm going too hard
So I switched the flows
But you know how it goes
Before long they gon tell me you're flowing too hard
Going a bit too deep
They can't fathom how I purposefully space bar
Just to let the rhyme miss the beat
You nothing but a novice to me
They still try question the fees
Next to be in line
Be everything he is promised to be, well
Plenty bodies on sight
1 body 2 body nobody in sight
I can rap circles around this little rap circles
But homeboy I won't be a part of your cyphers
The flows is pre-paid
Tailor made for an unknown release date
Just take my word
Nothing on a piece of paper
Cause once the guns load
Just know I don't half step
Take one more

Adios, you meet your maker gone (x4)

[Verse 2: Kid X]
Bheka my element
They can't really fuck with this
Who knew that, new new Kid X had apocalypse
Senz' ama show when they know Imma mos drop a disc
I tell em I'm inspired
I'm just not convinced
That they gone break up my vibe
Let alone stop the listen
Make sense of it though
When I knock em senseless
I go over heads
Strictly been this when I hop on tracks with you niggas
Just, just cant rap with you niggas
I kill you on tracks
You go back
Rewrite raps on a nigga
Thats cold
But I'm dash to your liquor
I'm headed to down your sound
But then empty your flickr
I pick out a box
They touch you with make up
Let you dig the hole
You can't run through the papers
See I got it all scripted
But lately I've been going off the top
Think I might have lost interest
If only I could hit the lights
Snap my fingers
Cop the powers of wisdom mic
Put it to my chest
Hear my heartbeat
I got a lotta stress
Just a little hard to read
Little hard to read

[Verse 3: Ginger Breadman]
I spit it like nobody listening
Just in case you pikinins wanna throw shade
I've been a king
Man I'm in this bitch
Ke binnekant
So deep I have em man wondering u kenwe keng
Mnca aah ga
Cold flow bars
No holds barred
I'm so so charged
Look ma no hands
No hold bars
Bluetooth style
I'm flossing its awesome
I showboat
So coast guard
I go so hard
Low key hold green cash
Don't hold cars
Keep stash off the books
I, don't show SARS
King pulled an ace out his sleeves
Throw your cards
Oh, so, control you broad
Niggas kept a file
Don't make us go expose your fraud
Allahu Akbars nigga
Know your god