One Way

One Way (Prod. by kid HizzY & Trapcity)

Kid HizzY jR ft Tracpcity jhb

dark side (2019)

Hook by Trapcity
Andinayo inye indlela yofeza iphupho lam/Its One Way /This started as a Dream/But ive learn i ve seen one way/

Verse "Kid HizzY"
I heard a kick in my Dreams dawg
Melodies in my veins
Drive m crazy i cant sleep dawg
Ghetto kid With a Dream (Ey)
Istart to flow with my heart beat
I started to line cauz my heart Leads
Yell on my name cauze they see me Paving
Pissing on my Way Cauze Am Praying
(Guess)all my dreams been a Fake but now
They come for real
All my time never Been a Waste
I heard my sound in hell
Every meal i cook imake Sure
It got a Taste
I talk to my God man
I give my mind a break
I thought Love and peace
Live inside of you
But ithink am Fooling my Self


Andinayo enye indlela /yofeza iphupho lam Its one way/this started as dream/buh i ve learn ive seen One WaY