Back To The Heights

[Verse 1]
Miscuzi iza kumi
Ska tshoga, ska thothomela
Breathe, hema
Chechela morago re go tshele
Chardonnay to Badu
On it, switch like Khnyi Mbau
Blow makwelw higher, only desire
And to make them tswak tswak tswak tswak
Rise up, zaya
Zaya like dirty Maria's diner
Only thing golden is silence
The only thing rolling is ntwaezen
Ba size-e, if they acting brand new ba mize-e
Life's a gamble, plug in
Slip and fall 'til umnandi

[Verse 2]
Hashtag Back to the heights again
Anything to step to the mic my friend
Hashtag Kid can't rise again
Don't I look better in the spotlight my friend
Back to the future, you so yesterday
And I'm still making smega in the fastest way
Ali of motswako in his greatest shape
Show you how to make a mega out of Cass(Casius) Clay
Hashtag One Source love, loading
Maglera Doe Boy, my throne, own it
Hashtag ?
Still SA's hottest emcee, sa di bala
Party in LA at the illest compound
Hashtag no chill, back on top now
To the ladies, you can be your own Beyonce
Hashtag nonke, go beyond it