The most awaited project by the trio, Kentphonik is now shining on the shelves of retail music outlets across the country. And it has been quite a wait, given that Kentphonik have rocked not-stop with their endless tunes featured on many amazing house compilations. Now that the project is out, it is certainly time to get serenaded by the trio’s music.

The project is packed with fourteen songs which sound somewhat different to the sound and musical style fans have come to love. Not that this project is a disappointment, not at all – the album is well packed with the manyisa songs. But the only thing that I feel is out of line is that they’ve released a project that does not link them to their roots. For some reason, Kentphonik have gone and cooked up a chilled soulful song packed album. I was expecting more of their thumping club tracks and remixes.

Just to take a closer look, from the days of ‘Uwrongo’ all the way up to ‘Masingita’, the boys have always managed to pull together a uniquely well blended sound that kept the body moving on the dance scene.

Don’t get me wrong, this release sounds beautiful, but what brother Phash is trying to highlight here is that since I was introduced to Kentphonik’s sound, they have always come up with songs that had that Mzansi stamp – localizing their tunes. However, there are songs like, ‘More than friends’, ‘Sunday showers’, ‘Uthando’, ‘Hiya kaya’ and many more, that sound perfect.

This release needs a good ear, someone who understands the house music language. Kentphonik, you missed something, it feels as if you’ve thrown away the sound that people loved your work for. Nothing to worry about because if you just love good music, I mean real good sound, then this project can easily make you sweat all week long.

Take time to listen to this release because the quality of the songs says something about Kentphonik’s future abilities. The trio’s sound has matured and is very professional. Nevertheless, it is interesting to see how people will react to a release that could be more dance-floor friendly!