Green Freestyle

Green Freestyle (Prod. by Franklin Black)


Green Freestyle (2020)

I got my shit/
Tied to a bitch/
My shit bang in the six/
My shit ill to a doc/
My shit ill to a priest/
Heat in the street/
Damn this beat got me on/
God mode/
Elevate fast when i start shit/
Elevate fast when i puff that lick that/
Niggas is kitkat/
Niggas gon breakfast/
Face it/
I slowmow i matrix/
Im neyo no bluepill/
Im dumb and im stupid/
Clutch brake my drive is gon swerve/
Suwu with gang/
I bang/
Keep your concern/
If you nots about that/
Stashed my weed/
In cops apartment/
Trappers not deep/
My shits an ocean im focused/


Been in the studio late/
Cookin up something with my nigga frank/
Niggas be cappin we gots to be frank/
Niggas be cappin inside of the hail/
Bars on repeat niggas stuck in a jail/
They stuck in a jail/
They stuck in a jail/

But fuck it i work till the bones in my body go numb/
I am sun of a gun/
But i am the gun/
So that is the pun/
It doesn't make sense but hit the repeat/
I walk out a room/
That serves as a tomb/
For your favourite rapper/
And im finna rule/