For Meadowlands’ rising vocal star, Kaylow (Kelello Segoana) advancing forward into the limelight as a bonafide solo recording artist is the logical next step in a journey so far decorated with some of the house music community’s most prized collaborations of late: Difference with Darque, What About with Rocco, Having You Around with Nastee Nev, Searching with Reelsoul, Ready For The World with Black Coffee and Darque, Out There with Da Capo - these are just a few titles in a long list of stellar musical partnerships which have not only endeared the young singer’s voice to his growing fan base, but were the reason he caught the notice of head honchos Vinny Da Vinci and Tim White, who upon hearing him wasted no time in co-opting him into their House Afrika / Sony Music Entertainment Africa family.

And there has been no shortage of praise for Kaylow’s vocal and songwriting talents from within the industry’s upper echelons. For one, Sony Music’s head of A&R Zakes Bantwini - himself an accomplished musician - insists on his genius and star power. ‘Kaylow is not your typical house music vocalist, he is a song-writer foremost, he pens love songs that recalls Oscar Wilde quotes, offering something special to today’s pop obsessed music market,” says Bantwini, predicting “Kaylow just knows how to brighten up songs, with the talent he possess he’s surely destined for greatness.”
Nothing Better, the first single for a planned collection of beautiful soulful house love songs to be released, is already gathering momentum on radio and draws similar high praise: “Super nice summer soulful deep track! As always Kaylow is one of my favorite singers in South Africa!” exclaims French House music stalwart Rocco. Fellow Parisian Yass shares his enthusiasm: “Dope track, Love it... Smashing vocal production”

Soul/R&B and Gospel are the obvious markers of Kaylow’s genre influences. The artists who have helped to shape his vocal phrasing are the ones considered elder statesmen of modern day R&B. He has learned by listening to some of the best - favorites like BoyzIIMen, Luther Vandross, and Brian McKnight are counted amongst them and help explain why his tone harkens back to a time when real vocal delivery mattered. “I describe my music as the hearts expression,” says Kaylow, “my passion lies in music and the most exciting thing about my work is hearing how much of a difference it makes in peoples lives.”

The time has arrived for Kaylow to finally unleash his full impact. With that voice as a weapon his debut set of soul-soaked songs demonstrate the range in which Kaylow oscillates so effortlessly, starting out sensual and atmospheric on “Pray” and finishing up on a dance-ready note with Nothing Better.
Where Kaylow has come from is a tradition of robust singing and songwriting and where he finds himself now is on the verge of a landslide take-over. A mere listen to his offering and a glance at what’s out there reveals that there is not much out there better.


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