The Anthem

[Monologue Intro]
I try to take myself out of my body and just look down to the world from a bigger person's perspective... like God. And I realise that it's too much shit going on man
Men are running away from their kids
Mothers are throwing those kids away thereafter
Cops are useless
Violence and killings over non-important things
Rappers only make it big time if they weird
Females are selling records by being naked
If it's non of that, they prolly sold their soul
The shit is sad man

[Verse 1]
Too many souls have been sold
Too many clones we see on the road
Too many cameras, too many poses
Too many niggas with too many hoes
Too much violence, too many shootings, too many dying and too many crying
We even scared to go outside
We ain't got too many lives
Too many repremanded decisions
too many living with no vision
Too many living with no mission
Bad decisions giving diseases
Yall supposed to be paving way for your futures but yall be paying for damages
I thought we'll be aiming for the stars, but many of you are settling for avarages
This is not life, yall salvaging
We ask how you doing, you managing
Back to a baller and better kid
Moved away from the sanity
Shooting stray shots, they panicking
Mamas crying, suicidal thoughts, seen one on a sailing ship
We were seen on every corner of the streets started taking sips
Double cup strautofaum drip
Started banging clubs, bitches got ripped
Triple mutts on a peppermint clip
We all know 50 can em strip
50 more you sucking her nipples
50 more she's sucking your dick
200 total, you slimming the clit
Dignity these days no longer exists

This a anthem right here nigga
The fuck is you doing with your life? 
Get up and do something nigga
No cap, this is real
This is real right here nigga
I ain't gon' lie to you man

[Verse 2]
Bad decisions got 'em thinking they living life, no regrets
Niggas be banging the clubs, blowing the money, I wonder how you lost sense
You'll be poor when you die, I bet
Continue having unprotected sex
Nigga I've been grinding, I'm running out of breath
The Devil been working, giving me tests
Whatever I do, no settling for less
I swear to God I'm doing my best
Don't forget bout the past, I live by the past, too different from what they been saying
Please don't judge me, I got my ways
Once in a while I kneel and pray
But God talks to me everyday
And most of the time I do what he says
Watch your words, boy watch your tongue
You cursing yourself and you still young
Why the fuck Is you so dumb?
Boy life's a bitch, you get no luck
A couple of racks, that's just a start
Keep on working, don't you stop
Take some time out of that shop
But all is pointless if you lost
Bad engagements, all arrangements, what's to do with my confessions
I got billion dollar investments
A single step is a progression
I'm doing this shit out of passion
And for you this shit is a blessing
No cappin', God he's gasping
Is there something I forgot to mention?