Seattle Freestyle

I got many love for the new thing
Poppin' percs everyday like I'm Bruce Wayne
Ain't never understand how they party on Tuesday
They spend their money, I make it, I do it the stu' way
Couple thousands, you ball on 'em like you Simmons
It's sad and fucked up how black men can't keep a million
15 000 suit, RSVP sincerely
We all breath O2, but I'm breathin' it different
This girl Cindy, she told me hard she need me
Ain't scared to give her brains, she tryna give me feelings
Injured generation, I swerve on a new phase
Double WC way, 45 on the lane
I put the drip on the ceiling and start thinkin' away
These rappers yall look up to, the world be loosin' it's taste
Couple bands on 'em, they should do some stand ups
40 racks in the stand of a pink trap house
It's a bando
45 Amapiano
It's shitty and it will tremble quick like what happened to Lego
I put my back on the wall, tilt my head and nod
Shoot these niggas, break it down like it's Total Recall
I got imitated, imitated by all these haters
Shit went so bad, I came home there was a letter
It read, "Nigga you lost it, right now we doing it better"
Nigga woke up and realised I gotta have a different manner
He spent couple of Rands for a new chain
He put some in the studio, now he got a mixtape
Now he got a couple of bitches giving good brains
But when the racks cash out, it's gon' be a new phase
A new phase
A new phase, a new phase, gotta chase a new thing