4am in Florida

4am in Florida

[Verse 1]
This drama now I hope it passes, yeah
Got a whole of my niggas countin' blessings
You ain't gotta be fooled, this ain't too much it's just progressions
Man I still hope our names get big for clout mentions
No rules in the game so what's this shit about?
A 4.45 nigga tryna gas me out
You don't see me saying shit until I've lived it out
Got this shit from a stripper, you surprised how we learn now

[Verse 2]
Don't be mad now, we got pyramids passed down
It's funny how I meet her demands until I've asked her out
You a Chelsea now, got me on some typa sound
Could have lived it out but I ain't never sure I'd see it out
Got some blasphemous quotes, phrases and silly statements
No cameras in the wedding so we don't pass engagements
Nah, truth be told we all got some confessions
But we hiding that in our hearts and there's no space for blessings

More blessings 'top of blessings, no silly relations
More blessings 'top of blessings, Insta pics no captions
I'd make sure I don't wake up until I get my message
Man we tryna go the whole way through, no other passage

[Monologue Outro: Rorisang Phatwane & Nuno Khumalo]
We have to celebrate the lives of the...
- the youth of '76
Yah the youth of '76 that lost their lives (absolutely),
Especially the 12-year old Hector Peterson (mmhm) who died during the protest, and fighting for where we are now
- And I think it just shows the magnitude of the cruelty of the rougine at that time (mhm) You know to be able to just, to gun down such young kids