Thank You

[Verse 1]
God has blessed me with grandpa I'm truly thankful to him
This person that I am I guess I owe it to him
Only person who was my father in my entire lifetime
Taught me how to ride a bike and taught me how to slingshot right
When we was playing in the Sun
I'll never forget all the fun
My face justs suddenly smiles when I remember those times
I couldn't resist this, I wrote
And I'm sincerely sorry
To all those that disagree with me
But I'm telling the story

I remember all the moments
He would protect me from torment
He would try to keep his honour
Wore the love and peaceful garment
Never cared what they thought
He told me do as you want
He told me do as you want, but always stay out of trouble
He told me my future's bright
Anza I see it in your eyes
You got a heart of a Lion
And something big is inside
He wasn't talking 'bout snakes
Like what some people have been saying
He told me some wise words, I still remember 'em today

"Ay yo leave him alone, that boy ain't hurtin' nobody"
When I was hittin' my ball against the wall of the Connies
He be like "Don't be forcing food on him, he ain't hungry"
And when I look back at that, huh, it actually excites me

Best friend I ever had
He never judged me, no
Gave me all that he had
He never cussed at me, no
Best friend I ever had
He never judged me, no
Gave me all that he had
And he never held back, no

[Verse 2]
I can't forget my grandma, the strict side of the fam
She gave me hidings but damn, taught me how to be a man
The realest of them all, nah she ain't scared to tell the truth
I learnt that part of me from her and for that I'm grateful too
I appreciate all the hard work she did, grandma I'm really thankful
She always knew how to take care of me although I was a little bit handful
And I hear them telling me that I learnt English from her
She never went to school but she made sure that I learnt
Gave me a bath, I had some food
And I went to school
And every time I came back she always prepared me some food
My grandma and grandpa are the greatest of people
And for that I made this song just to say thank you
Thank you