[Verse 1: KAT Culture]
Uh yeah, you niggas is dead to me
Sacrifices to my enemy
Rappin' on beats is my remedy
I pull out the fam and I manage it
Kanye being Yeezus is blasphemy
Flock riddles on the canopy
Me and dem hoes got no chemistry
Dem niggas get sucked for their energy

I got too lively for that
I got a rock Inside my chest
Not sure who still got my back
Paranoia flows through my head
Maybe already have peaked my best
Maybe already have seen my dad
I took the W's, I took the L's
Through all my choices, still no regrets

I like to keep things smooth
I like to keep things cool
I like to keep things moving
Too much judgements, all the things that I do
Niggas out here on the streets they chose
X and O's and the Tic Tac Toes
So much that I came for
Never been a fan of day jobs

[Verse 2: Karma]
Never quit your day job
N - Never quit your day job
Coz’ I’m safe here
Whilst your faith’s lost
Coz’ you’re paid shit 
From your crazed boss
I know my place in the game coz’
No one tells me shit, what you stay for?

Coz’ you earn a living okay? (okay)
But where is the living you claim? (claim)
Is it the bills, the prescription of pills or the microwave meals that you make?
Barely affording a living 
I call that existing appalled by the minimum wage
This isn’t aimed at the kids on estates
More for the privileged
Give it a break!

Coz’ you’d be diminished (Diminshed)
You’ll sleep with the fishes! (The Fishes)
You’ll sleep with the fishes! (The Fishes)
In thee Estuary
Filled with syringes a greenish n’ grimace appearance
Diseases would finish you G
How can I say there’s more fish in the sea? (sea, sea, sea)

I’m from a place in which fills up with greed
I’m from a place where the people are seethed
Where pill popping Emos are high on Placebos
The men are all predators
Women are keeeen
On cutting me out
That’s why they’re scissoring
Coz’ they’re all Lesbians
Under the image of someone who’s Innocent
Yet their intentions are different, so I need some remedies, meds or some vitamins (Yo)
Some remedies vitamins

[Verse 3: Willie G. Bently]
Keep it so smooth
I'm feelin' it ouh
Momentum is here and I’m ridin' it ouh
Sometimes ignite just to get in the mood
Stay gettin' at this it ain’t nothin' but food
Serve me up I got a hot meal ticket
Always good I’m like a Ramsey’s skillet
Gone Bananas and I might just peel it
Nah fuck that shit give me the mic I’ll kill it
Loaded gun I'm like 'psst psst psst'
When I drop my shit it’s so sick it’s eww
Can’t get a taste but they all getta smell
On top of my game hold up gotta poo

I’m been shittin' on this game my entire life
Time to flush 'em all down with another wipe
Really isn't nothin' here but another night
Here we fuckin' go again, it’s time to fuckin' fight
I like my villains In two's
That’s what you get if you fillin' these shoes,
Lace 'em both up
I hit the ground runnin' with lyrics and lyrics I’m comin' at you

I like my drink in my coffee
I like my weed in my blunt
You put me back in that booth and I’ma burn that bitch up
Call the fire Marshall
Better yet just call up Marshall
We keep these speakers bangin' loud to another car show
We stay winnin' can’t lose
Really is nothin' you just gotta choose
We stay winnin' can’t lose
Really is nothin' you just gotta choose