Baddest on the planet I will glide under pressure (oooh yeah)
She tell me I'm amusin' and she glow 'cause let her (yeah I let her)
Double 95 I hit the deck without the ladder (no ladder)
A savage motherfucker like a biker wearin' leather (yeah yeah)
Dru Lac Dabs, behind the wall they keep me Dabs (they keep me Dabs)
The flatter information on a nigga keepin' racks (uh uh)
How you so upset? 'Cause I'm a winner, you takin' L's (gruuuhh!)
This nigga so upset he sold the merch I made the brand (yeah)

[Verse 1]
Dru Lac Dabs and I flip like a nialoc (oooh yeah)
Got these fashion vouchers and I flow like I'm Geranamo (where's Geranamo?)
See a nigga flex (yeah)
Not the hand and that's just how it goes (uh)
Prolly a good goalie way she movin' on that fuckin' pole (whoa whoa whoa)
That's just how a nigga flow
That's just how a nigga go (oooh yeah)
That's just how a nigga fuck but that bitch ain't my typa hoe (she ain't my typa hoe nah!)
Feel like I was born with a paper on fuckin' hand (uh)
That's just who I am, how I write and how I fucken rap (oooh yeah)