Aint that America

...And we live in the land of the free.
havent you heard about our justice and liberty?
So why cant we all get along?

(Verse 1)
I believe in the freedom to speak of freedom and free-speech
That's the reason we believe in everything we preach.
'Cause I believe that we could lead these people to see peace
and I believe that we will achieve anything that we reach for.
But don't misconceive me
'cause I just don't appreciate seein' my people decieved.
and all these people grieving at these evil leaves we call weed
seem so naive that my beliefs are never even recieved
Cause I believe that We the People need to show appreciation
to our God and his creation. This provides alleviation,
artistic innovation, relaxation, meditation, elevation -
got you taking a vacation in your basement

And we run backwards, lost. We've come too far
But ain't that America? Aint that America.
And we go where we don't belong
But ain't that America? Ain't that America.

(Verse 2)
How many patriots would find it alarming
that we are disarming and harming our army?
That we have been sending out men to defend our offenses
against the defenseless again? I'm offended.
And this is not about pride, I just think its about time that we take it outside
Surround and outline Capitol Hill and cap it until it looks like Amityville.
We'll stab and we'll kill - like re-capturing hamburger hill
til everybody is screaming like their having cavities filled
We have to be real. Ya need to think of how you would feel
if you were in Iraq's attack and watched your family get killed.
The tragedy's ill. We broke in, now we have to rebuild
no matter how many innocent children have to be killed.
No matter how much innocent blood we happen to spill
We'll always assail 'cause we have to prevail. And we will.

We will take it too far.
But ain't that America? Ain't that America.
And we forge where we don't belong.
But ain't that America? Ain't that America

And I don't wanna get any hate-mail telling me that I don't love my country enough.
See, I just love it TOO MUCH to sit back and watch it get FLUSHED down the drain
raise them lighters if you know what I'm sayin.
This ain't about legalization, its about appreciating nature as the foundation to this very nation.
we should embrace it and not just take it for granted
I mean God planted weed around the planet

(Verse 3)
Some people find me to be unpatriotic.
But then again, some people think that weed's a narcotic.
And it strikes me as odd. I find it slightly ironic when
antibiotics are more habit-forming than pot is.
and they pop so many pills that it almost looks robotic,
its beyond addiction, aspirin, its almost hypnotic.
without it, all society would turn neurotic,
we'd all be psychotically fried and chaotic.
but back to the plot... Oh my God, I forgot it!
I thought I was dropping it hot, I should probably stop it.
I've gotten off topic.
the pot and the chronic.
I'm honestly on it, and I thank God that I got it
Because without it I wouldn't quite be me.
It's just weed. A plant. It's a really good thing.
So trust me when I say that one day with liberty
We'll watch that Red, White and Blue fly over fields of green!