Inspector Holmes

Inspector Holmes solves a mystery
He once was a teacher of history
We all love your wild black hair
Teach us 'bout Le Corbusier

And he dresses in black like Jack Kerouack
He's a family man with a discovery plan
He got the kids
He got the wife
You know you wanna trust him
He's living his life…
Yeah living his life
With the kids and the wife
Oh, now living his life.

Cause he's the dragon
In the station wagon
I'm just tagging along
So quit your nagging
Please stop your bragging
Let's all try to be strong.

He's a nice guy (x12)

He likes Manilow
And caviar on bread
Wears a beret and a scarf
When he comes on set
He teaches about colour
Cause he likes to feel
They say he was a wild one…
He knew a lot about me
I see your thoughts
As metafashion
Climb right in, come breed
Inside my passion.