The Prince Attitude

The Prince Attitude


Road To OPM (2018)



I hope you learnt (Opulent) the opposite of cheap ancient décor

Cz i'm taking it back bring the gramophones....a jazz tone

Wise words from CK, we the veterans
I try and send it (Transcendent) all more measurements

I've been studying the way you rappers rapping but I'm dilettante

The reason is cause the words you keep spitting up in a verse
The wisdom in how you writing them bars is what I lack

So let me cancel the course
Regardless of
The time I send out and drop
And move to murdering
With no sympathy or a proper direction yeah

I just randomly pull up and verbally crush a nigga head

Run run yeah nigga you run
No more choosing
I don't care where you niggas is from

How you rapping or how many rappers you dropped

I don't care no more
Ain't no sign i'll stop
That's the line y'all probably think it's fire and top
But lemme ice it down
As I sit down
Eye sees down
From the level like Isis son
I'm the majesty
The crown full of greatness wow
With the Royal cape
And Y'all are Royal clowns
Lemme me back my shxt really
Return it in and then I send it out spinning
I light your flash up
Like you scarlet speedster
You Dissing (DC)
I Reverse it back stop spitting, stop spitting


Behave i'm beasting (Prince Attitude)
Bee-hive i'm bee sting (Prince Attitude)


Last weekend I had fun
(what happened)
I met up and murdered your favorite

Oh shit had great time
(who are you man?)

I'm him you think of
(I understand)
I like that you so dumb
Let me break it and switch it to Prince attitude
(lepantsula guuuu)
Nigga go do the interlude
You so funny dude

No liquor for me
And I ain't smoking
If u think i'm lying (lion) den the truth is within de raw (roar) shit i'm shooting
I just said erosion you won't surf ace when the flows start to cross in
Okay let's bet on it
I'm better man

Nna kere ha lentshose joe
Coz I'm a veteran
Verbally sabre-rattling
Rappers who think of battling
It's funny how lyrically
I keep pedalling
Pacing up
I'm better rapper
Y'all niggas better


I'm beasting (Prince Attitude)
Bee-hive i'm bee sting (Prince Attitude)