Prince Parable

Prince Parable (Prod. by Mixed and Mastered by Tale)


Road To OPM (2018)

Your Craft is encrypted with kryptonite green attracting honeys
But a supergirl will never bust it open dummy
You listen
Crawling out the city lights my knees are heavy
The weight on my shoulders keep on charging down I'm in a valley
Running from the Golden light
It's scary full of darkness driven sick personas creeping out
The hate is real (Israel) like pharoahes burning slaves trapped with shackles on
The love is fake with people fighting poverty when cameras on

The city lights are full of terror trust me man this ain't a game
You insane if you think all of this is normal things
You sane (Usain) if the bolts are running thunder through your fucken veins
Cz being shocked proves you ain't familiar with the evil reign
It's okay
Really really it's okay
I'm dripping wisdom better drink it
Food for thought you better listen
Baking got a bucket full of muffins on your lady's clit
Her lava flowing out melting my metal she a Ladysmith
Dammit I just lost my click

Yeah this is the type of classic I jam on
Spread across the beat then I beat it like Tommy Gallo
You rippling with me with no (new) wave like Billy Idol
Drop a verse to lacerate your eyeballs
Sit and twirl and ask you what the fxcks you crying for
A rebel but a proud lazy monkey getting pissed off very easily
Walk around rocking everybody don't be beefing me

I don't look the other side I straight pack load up, click clack zoom in and start shooting see

I'm a skinny guy talking with a funny face
Beard growing baby oh boy I'll be a bearded Prince

You know I'm back with that eulogy
Toe tag nigga off track and drag em down the streets
In quest (Inquest) of a Hello (halo) where coroners (Coronas) feast on lunatics (Lunar)
A Bright Light connecting two opposites
I said a bride lied, connecting two opposites

Ring a bell asap
Gather (gutter) around the Prince Quick
He chilling on the roof man
dropping heavy flows shid
Birth of a nation that jump on tracks and walk (Wark) safe
Even Griffith won't race east (Racist) like the cloaks (klux) clan (klan)
Spit real sick Intolerance
I cure AIED (Autoimmune Inner ear disease)
'Just to beat the Silence
Slap it and remove it
We moving charging through the music

A grand entrance to Grant Wilson a stand ovation
I dare devil to show courage in reverse combat
He said "I will sin" seen it all happen
I can't bare with being abandoned
Burn the burdens off me

The Voice carry the plan and ways to achieve a mission
Those who listen and benefit are like parasites

I believe what eyes see is good perception
Paret's vision is blurry deemed (dimmed) on the  Pirate's side (sight)

Warriors moving I've seen a scene on the world's records

The great War that made life a death circus
You rope (Europe) your neck or you die from another man's methods
I dare a devil to show courage in reverse combat
He said, "I, Wilson if you got cash I Rob it (Robert)"
One of the few with lit (lid) questions to bin Laden
12 bars to serve you Justice i'm Fiske Harlen
Ke Lenyora babotse botle eKasi Lami

Murder on the beat murder on the beat
With the Bars I'm Prince abusing all the King
In a Princedom Princeton Universe
Call me Thomas Wilson The President

The Prince in Building bitch
A Prince Parable boxing rappers to not exist
"Don't let them breathe" is important when rappers try to beef
They throwing shots man oh yeah they cannot reach!!!!!!!!

I'ma jump in pool after cutting my wrist
Before ass kissing or riding another rapper's dick

I might be bugging but trust me man I ain't afraid of these
K1 Rappers man all of them they just citizens
I'll prolly name drop every rapper I  fucks with
And form a silhouette, throw a shade if you don't make the list

Yeah fuck everybody who thinks I ain't a prince ×2
Of a Princedom if you King you don't exist
Dropped a bomb called POK1 and wiped them clean
I'll drop the Attitude make em behave and I'll sting they shit

I don't have to act like I like Caucasians
So much blood from the black brave man

The Shed (Shad) most (moss) blood just to rape women, murdered every man to enslave children wow
Can we bow down and say Amen
Hey man (heymen) why you tryna block you know I want to break through
The ink in my pen is (penis) ready to reverse history rewrite with my own tools

Spilling ink as I'm painting all the pain away
Yeah the page is the only shoulder I'll cry on
Create a picture with colors that says you'll be okay
Stomach the caption and believe it with the mic is on