A platform showcasing the freshest Hip Hop group with real raw Talent and the element of uniqueness. Hailing from a snow township with raw cold metal streets located on the East Rand of Johannesburg known as "K1" which stands for "Katlehong".

This group is made up of 3 (Three) Talented Musicians with versatility dripping from their different styles of telling different stories through their lyrics, driven by the love and passion for music, and also most importantly God fearing and Loving; We look up to the sky (To Jesus Christ) for grace and guidance.

Members of this group includes; Bully B, JNB and RazOr.

Mandla Maphanga "Bully B" is talented and filled with the energy to smooth flow on any given beat and spit dope lines with the ability to stick to the content without losing it in a way that his lyrics are a real-life event (Sometimes but sounds so all the time). A beast both in vernacular and English language. He switches smoothly without you noticing and come up with dope commercial hooks with assurance of making people dance

Tshepo Motau "RazOr" Is a hardcore rapper with lyrical tendencies of delivering raw Energy from a bomb constructed and produced by His rapping skills in a way that when he's spitting; listeners connect and feel his words like they're real, walking around with an arsenal heading to war.

Sipho Mhlambi "JNB" is a self-entitled Prince of K1 (POK1) with the lyrical ability to back his statement. He mastered the art of surviving beats branching from different seeds of music. His lyrical skill is packed strongly on metaphors and wordplay. He is a very profound lyrical warrior, sometimes with abilities of spitting hard bars but still sound soft because of his humble voice with nice flows making him a low key on certain songs.

We do Commercial (Turn Up, NAK, Trap) and Underground (conscious, hardcore)
-We will add the Story of how the group came to be later on.

Do follow us on Twitter, instagram and Facebook (page) under the same name, "K3nity", and get our songs (Facebook page)

-Whatsapp 0624024085

Our lyrics as a group and songs will be dropped soon, for now enjoy the two joints dropped by JNB titled "POK1" and "Heart Break"