Love & Pills

Love & Pills (Prod. by K-Kida)



K-Kida - Love&Pills Lyrics

Shit is crazy how I thought we made it
Seems like I then celebrated soon
I always wanted to be there for you
I thought I knew better I wish I had a better view
I wish I let you go when you was running late to school
I simply wish I never saw you on your way to school
I mean
I really never had to fall for you

Coz none of this shit is worth it I ain shit to you no more
I'm 0ut here riding solo
Pockets so hollow girl I gut you feragamos
I didn't have a lot but I treated you like faro
You always gut those Ice on your neck Like Come on
You putted all those Ice every time I put my tie on
I thought will ever last when I told you put em jay's on
We started from the bottom to the top like the Drake song
Now we back down like we never had shit on us (Ooouuu)

They used to say that we the perfect match
They all used to say that we the best
I guess it's true the goodest never last
Now we posting lonely pictures they all double tap
What more can I say
Seems like everything I say is doubling up the pain
I promise that I'mma love you until the fuckin end
Do you expect me to keep that when you be playing games

Everything is probably nothing on you though
Brain not a 100% probably just an 020%
How you feeling that we came from Hero to Zero
I hate the fact that we been entertaining lotta people
You gotta see those
Pictures that we used to share mehn we were such a couple
We used to play song not repeat but we shuffled
I never though shit would get to the point where we at

Ow Ma Gawd girl we used to be tight
Fashion on us we were running shit up
I remember when they wanted to be like us
We where so fly mehn we were damn fly
Lemme keep quiet shit is driving me insane
I need a lotta time to get rid of this pain
Honestly I wish that I could see you again
Maybe talk it up maybe shit can change ow girl ahhh


"Now I wanna make this clear I talked about how Love and devastation goes hand in hand (Yeah)
Because its impossible to get inside of a relationship and think that,,,,,
To find the depths of relating,,,,,
That you can find the depths of relating without being challenged with pain
We also have to have the clarity to understand, who is worthy of us walking with them through certain devastations,,,
And when its time to walk away coz imma let you know something
Not everybody you love is meant to be the person you build a life with,,,,,

Ok?? (Yeah)

Sometimes you gotta love them from over there' you can love them
But sometimes its gotta be from over there
But you can't love somebody else more than you love you


Love's Gonna get you killed, don't let none of this bitches try to fuck up your feels
Ooouu I'm saying Love's Gonna get you killed, don't let none of this bitches try to fuck up your feels