Late Dreamer

From his brief visit to London for the Red Bull Music Academy in 2010, to releasing his debut album ‘Late Dreamer’ in 2016, Gomes, with a lot of hard grafting built up his relationships and very quickly covered a lot of very bumpy and obstacle-ridden ground to get him to where he is today. To say this man is ‘Here To Stay’ is a massive understatement. Late Dreamer is unmistakably the sound of ‘Jullian Gomes’ - wonderfully laid back, thick chunky beat-ridden soulful house music featuring some incredible talent. From the teachings of the wonderful wordsmith OVEOUS, to South Africa’s most celebrated female in dance music ‘Bucie’, Liquid Deep’s ‘Ziyon’ and talenteers Lazarusman, Daev Martin, Sio, Kabomo, Bobby, UK-based Sarai Jazz, and Martin Iveson. A clear and well though out collection of songs, that together make a warm and attractive addition to the world of electronic soul music. This debut album started out its life in a spark of realisation with Jullian’s mind working in overdrive thinking way back to a time where it all started for him. Working his day job to make his daily bread and thereafter falling asleep in his home studio in the dark of night pushing to carve his musical career. Waking up one morning ‘late’ to go to his day job, he asked himself the question “What am I late for?” this lead to Jullian’s priorities shifting wildly planting the seed that he may be too late to follow the dreams he had for all these years. This album and indeed Gomes’ whole musical career is the biggest leap of faith he has ever taken and it sure has paid off. Jullian may be in his own eyes a ‘Late Dreamer’, yet he has proved time and time again that dreams can come true if you believe


# Title Length
3 Nothing Can Break Us 7:01
4 1000 Memories 6:56
10 Love Song 28 6:04