Joyous Celebration

A dream was born between three friends more than 20 years ago in KZN, today this dream stands as a colossal monument across the music industry in South Africa. Jabu Hlongwane, Lindelani Mkhize and Mthunzi Namba had met in concerts and church conventions in and around Durban for many years before they toyed with the idea of collaborating.It would take this idea over 8 years before it could materialize. The concept was finally put together in 1994, triggered by the 1994 realize of the great Nelson Mandela from jail and the peaceful elections. "We decided we want to do a show to celebrate the peaceful transition of the country into a democracy. We put together a show and called it Joyous Celebration" says Jabu.



Joyous 22: All For You

Joyous 21: Heal Our Land

Joyous 20

Rewind 2

Joyous 19: Back to the Cross

Joyous 18: One Purpose

Joyous 17: Grateful