Lord knows(Drake cover)

Lord knows(Drake cover)

Jay Oral



By now I hope....i don't even know what to say so let's just get jumped in right quick!

Yoh, they afraid that I'm custom made of steel bars matic Nasi is true I swear to God I'm on my
The prophetic Musa.. split shit, divide and conquer got mastered Tiro riding hard on a ship that..got him stuck still
With the world passing by...synthetic gassed by touring on his land mining all the wealth.. he's jst
Happy for a job that got him fighting with his own kind..The gods are trying to reach him but he ain't finna hear shit...all in the name of God dat he hardly knows shit is crazy, shit senseless
He ride for the course within a torn up gown,looking down, His heart Is heavy, down dragging, labour broadcast pay rates
Poor natives overpopulated in them ghettos but still they don't even know at all what went wrong
See they was worshipping their own before they got crossed, threw away dey own roots for a foreign myth
A polygamous swallow tree loses beauty fam
It rivers tears across the Nile ancestors crying for their kids who got swallowed in the western by veterans
You put acid on yr skin you hate yr melanin,
You got herbs but you run for the chemicals, you got bones but you run for the book
You got leather but you run for the cotton,
You got spirit but you run for the soul

And these are just some of the things that I keep on wondering to myself like how the hell did we even get here?
Coz I look around and I just see people frowning...acting to be happy like they got it figured out and planned and all that shit but....
Ain't no such as a thing homeboy and ima let yah know like this!

Its so Lenin how you fucking all around John, get 'em wet, feed 'em lies till they all full
Give 'em costume, let 'em dance with the devil ohh
I smell clouds I'm on the rise for the sky wah!
And Dark or Blue the gods reign in da chromosomes,
I'm AutoZone they the drive,
I let 'em strive, you see the hive I wana be in greater places I better be
My bloodline I wana meet, I'm African..how can i be..not hated for da great in me
Coz! I'm too alive and they know it, they keep writing my end but I rewrite it in time
Ain't got the clock on my side but I keep the hands on my torso
Doing time Yoh we also pushing rocks in da hood,
I was born with a curse of being a slave in my mind
Xenophobia virus got pipol killing their kind
In the name of a job of a slave master we fight
Malcolm x with a 9 taking shots at the mindset that fell on our people,
educating about love despite the hate that he carried
all the way to da grave
Against the ones with a lie..those that kill you for dreaming like Martin Luther got sucked
All to the way to da breath and Dr Sebi got next
for doing great while his Black,
Kill the bird for its nest and feed the eggs to a snake...fuck da system I said it
Don't give a fuck about death...that shit is tucked in my nature..non of us is immortal

And that's what it is Yoh...
They call me Jay Oral but don't worry you can just call me....Jay Oral (Laughter)
The mixtape is out Jo'burg lights is the title just go get it..
Markotaimant media Pula The King behind the mix..
Hit me on Facebook I'm Jay Oral, Twitter, Instagram I'm Jay Oral and when it comes to the rest...
We just got to educate ourselves!