Jay Oral

Freeman Makaeba Sekgobela(born 1996-07-04 in Limpopo) Professionally known as Jay Oral is a South African rapper and records producer from Johannesburg.

Jay Oral began jotting down lyrics in 2009 at the age of 13 due to the love of Hip Hop, however during that space in time to him jotting lyrics and rapping was all a hobby. 2015 he moved from Limpopo to Johannesburg, Boksburg due to academical reasons and that's where he came across Siyacee 8.0boy who happens to be one of the most recommended producers around the city, The Love & pain hit maker worked together with Siyacee 8.0boy, made several hits that impacted tremendously on a lot of people, made a lot of appearances through perfomances in different clubs across different cities and towns.

In 2017 he got approached by an international producer who goes by the name of BeatzForLife all the way in Morocco who offered to work hand and hand with him, together they have worked on songs like Grinding and Love & pain which happens to be two of the most songs that received the greatest positive feedbacks from the public.

In September 2018 Jay Oral gave out his first mixtape project titled "Jo'burg Lights" which he spent 2 years and 8 months compiling. The mixtape combines both Siyacee 8.0boy's work and BeatzForlife's, BeatzForLife produced 2 songs in the mixtape namely "Grinding" and "Love & pain" and Siyacee 8.0boy produced the rest 13 songs in the project then a month later Jay Oral was featured in Inspireguide magazine.

2019 February Jay Oral got featured in a Sekororo News article whereby he shared his entire musical background and a bit of his personal life, In April he gave out a cover song for Drake's Lord knows, the content of the song was so unexpected by fans and left a lot of them jaw dropped!.

Jay Oral's music is available in www.reverbnation.com