Jay Kay M

I am Jonathan Kabasele Muamba originally know by his stage name Jay kay M is singer, drummer and song writer, I started music at younger age I was influence by my own parent my mom loved to sing my dad played trombone at the salvation army pretty music have been around me for a very long time I started writing music after been affected by the death of my father in 2013. it's was the darkest valley my emotions was going through and I figure that whenever I was wrote what I was feeling I was freed but when somebody reads it they are astonished.
My very song written and record was a cover of Mali music - beautiful... in which had me motivated into pursuing making music because of the reaction I had from people around me.
then i wrote Mental in which follow after songs after song but in 2019 is a very important year for me so much thing has happen and I just want to let's everybody know about I am dropping an EP title Heart Puzzle (from the darkest valley of life to the Light) i used 4 type of style whuch Trap, Trap soul, R&B and Afro music ..i can't wait you hear it.



Beautiful Cover