Jack Parow

Hier’s jy nou, Jack Parow…

I was privileged to meet and interview Jack Parow last week, and have been looking forward to writing this review for some time. With all the hype around the man behind the cap, and the viral explosion of Jack Parow videos on YouTube, it is time to sit down and give Mr. Parow’s album a proper listen.

Off the bat, ‘Ek Wens Jy Was Myne’ demonstrates the lyrical mastery and genius song composition of Mr. Parow himself. This superb colab between Jack and JR leaves me wondering who makes the circle bigger, as both artists prove why they are amongst South Africa’s best rappers. Following up this genius colab is a difficult task, but with each track that follows after the next, I can’t help but enjoy myself and proudly keep listening.

From ‘Hier’s Jy Nou’, to the smash-hits ‘Cooler as Ekke’ and ‘Dans Dans Dans’, the listener is subjected to beat after beat of ‘poesgoed’ Afrikaans dangerous and romantic rap (Parow’s special blend). You are left jiving, lamenting and spitting out your best Afrikaans verbal abuse at your neighbours. It’s raw, edgy and extremely funny, and is certainly like nothing you have heard before.

I guess the best part of listening to this album is the understanding that what you are hearing is as good as the hype. With all the music video airtime, the tweets, the Facebook messages and general Parow, Parow, Parow punting that you hear on the internet, I am pleased to report that this album, and Jack Parow himself, certainly do deserve the attention that they get.

While there is no doubt that this album has all the ingredients of a smash hit, there is a part of me that fears for this style of music. This form of Afrikaans rap has very much become a trend, and just as it is in fashion today, it may go out of fashion tomorrow. While I feel that this is a perfectly legitimate fear, I am comforted by the outrageously brilliant lyrical talent of Jack Parow, which should put him in good stead to produce many brilliant tracks, albums and one-liners in the future to come.


# Title Length
3 Cooler As Ekke 4:11
4 Dans Dans Dans 3:28
6 I Miss 3:54
9 Die Vraagstuk (remix) 3:57
12 Tussen Stasies 3:41