Lufuno Neshehe better known as INPHASe Dj is a South African Club and Radio dj. He began his dj career around 2005 which led him to studying Music and Sound Engineering. Is no doubt his life revolves around Music and the Entertainment industry as a whole, that can be seen through his previous work experience that included selling Music through south africa's leading Music retailer Musica from 2007 to 2010.

Mentored by a prolific Music Excutive Thabiso Khati ,saw inphase Road managing SAMA award
wining Hiphop Duo Deep Level under Thabiso and later inphase took management roles for
young upcoming artists like DonnieBlack and Zinzi Kahnish who later signed with Native
Rhythmes. With the Management roles under his belt inphase had build a name for
himself around the Jo'burg scene through Radio [Power Fm] and Club residency
at places like LiquidChefs, MiBar, Circle Bar/Rosebank Hotel and VSP night club
in Sandton while playing at different venues in and out of Gauteng.

Inphase is the standard that so many more strive for. There are a plenty of mixes on
the internet that he has mixed but listeneing to one of these mixes is like trying to
view a fine piece of art. You need to see and hear him live to really appreciate the
full and overwhelming experience when his playing. If you see Inphase's name
heading the Dj line-Up. It's almost like seeing a quality assurance seal, royal crest
or five star rating.

Besides Spinning artsists records, inphase has worked with numerous artists as an Official dj:
*Zinzi Kahnish
*Neo Beats
*GaozaGaoza [Deep Level]

He currently serves as an Official dj to South Africas multi award winning musician Gigi Lamayne.