Infinite Boys

Out of the eastern side of Johannesburg in Daveyton came two musical geniuses who dared to pursue their limitless love and passion for music, and by going for what they knew they were destined to do, they breathed freshness and newness into the South African house music industry.
Realizing that their musical creativity has no end, Raphael and Antony Mabaso coined the name Infinite Boys; a name that is not only a known house music brand but also a name that has grabbed the hearts and rhythms of house music lovers locally and internationally
In 2009 they released there 1st studio album The Beginning & have now returned and are back with some venom, the new studio album entitled THE JOURNEY is exactly that & has taken them some time to get to realise this new project. The album is a complete POWER HOUSE, it is simply BRILLIANT, years in the making & collaborations with the biggest & brightest stars in the industry