Lonely Hour (i Hate thi$ $ong)

(the outro reversed)

[Verse 1]
Ha, lonely hour
I feel the world is sour
Just when I thought
we’d climb up the Eifel Tower
You left me puzzled
How you just messed up our
You left me puzzled
How you just messed up our
Lil thing that we had going on
Lil thing that made us say “I ain’t going home”
(We) We made promises on top of promises
I kept mines even turned you to my prom Mrs
I kept mines you couldn’t even keep one of yours
We parted ways ways but I still need one of those
I kept mines and you just kept digging
Once upon a time
you said we was John and Teigen
Now I’m soul seeking
This is so sickening
I feel like that doodle emoji
With my eyes and my mouth closed
Cause it’s still ain’t “case closed”
At least for me
If you could tell me what was in for me

[Hook 1]
…In for me, Infamy)

…In for me, Infamy

[Verse 2]
Lonely hour
Been trynna move forward
Tho I can’t help but to think you’s a coward
I wept for days days and days
I wept for days days and days
And stereotypes tell you that men don’t cry
They don’t get hurt
They never take a “broken soul” sigh
They ‘posed to be hardcore right?
They ‘posed to be playing games with you
and sex you up all night?
(What?) Well, this one’s another way ‘round
Been drowning since way way…
These memories drag me down
You really holding me down
Just like you said you would
Yah holding me down
Just like you said you would
And everybody trynna convince me to move on
You want me to move on?
You want me to move where?
Get over it?
You don’t get it, do you?
You don’t get it happen to you
You don’t get it till somebody fool you
Tool you, rule you, slew you, chew you

[Hook 2]
Now I think of killing myself all the time
But I can’t kill myself
So can someone do me a favour
And assassinate me
Assassinate me

Sss ‘ssassinate
assassinate me

Sss ‘ssassinate

Ss ‘ssassinate
assassinate me

Aiight bro so chill out
You've seen the movie
Now it's the end of the movie
And this the “Credits” part
So stay put, you still in the movie theater
Aiight so shout out to my man
Njabulo Mnyakeni AKA Nick
He sent me this beat through WhatsApp
Back in 2018 man
That's way back bro I know
And it's crazy cause just a
couple months before he transferred
to another school right
I wrote my first rap song called “Lonely Hour”
And I was so eager to show him
what i had written, so I did
Even though I know I was at my worst
he still gave me props y'know
and encouraged me to write more
That, that “Lonely Hour” is totally different from this one cause it was strictly about just myself and insecurities, that type of sad stuff
This one brings a whole unusual subject that I never talk about so
I hope she comes across this song
When I was 15 I told her I was gonna become a superstar
But, I'm way more than that now, “I keep growing bro”
That's why I should find me a asian later on