I'm Ju$t a Kid Right?

[Spoken Word: Dylan Nkhulungo]
Aiight first and foremost
These ain't shots at our parents
It's, it's honest views and facts
I feel like through all these years
Living as a kid in black communities
I've, I've witnessed several ways
of how children are treated
by they folks cause they think it's right
Or it's how they deal with certain situations
on the regular you know
And I'm here to point out some of those things
Like see them kids, sometimes they mess up of course y'know
They make countless mistakes in a day cause they ain't perfect
But neither are you tho
Cause yo I've seen old folks tend to go hard on em
youngins, beat the shit outta em for silly reasons, and cut em out, don't pay em attention, demand and demand and demand
And Imma make this clear bro just cause you a parent or an adult that don't make you a white jesus, and everybody gotta be forced to worship you now, y’know what I'm saying, I
It don't give you the right to yell at them kids or beat em down just cause you're having a bad day or just because you feel like it
And to be real most of y'all don't even know y'all kids really well, it's hard for you to even try to talk on a personal level with em
You don't even consider about how they feel
They thoughts and opinions don't matter cause y'all mostly full of yourselves
Way too egotistical to see y'all foul moves, you think you know everything
I hear y'all, I hear y'all say you're right, even when you're not
Incapable of admitting y'all wrongs, and you be messing up on the daily too
Them mothers kill me the most tho
They be telling you mhm, you don't know nothing so you can't talk back to em, even when they lying bro
Even, even when these
Even when they are lying
Just cause they carried you for nine months
Which isn't fair cause you didn't even ask to be born in the first place
Y’know what I'm saying
Yo my point is simple bro, "y'all ain't no perfect angels"
That's it
Put that in quotes
If you could just pay attention
And stop degrading us for once bro
Just for once
Come on man
And don't you, don't you even try twisting my words
Cause y'all really good at that
Instead of listening close to what I've just said
Cause I'm just a kid right?
You gon’ try twisting these
You gon’ try twisting em up and shit
I'm saying man