Foul Reality (a Recital 4 Ur A$$)

Yo yo yow
Yow yah yo yo yow
Nah chill I ain’t rhymin on this
See I got this verse that I wrote about a year ago
Yeah yeah probably in the early days of 2019
And I’m removing it from the other project
that I’d like to record officially
Simply cause I’ve changed my mind y’know
It’s kinda similar to the Mobb Deep “Get Away’, A$AP MOB “Xscape” concept
But specifically in my own way
Cause I ain’t no thug, gangster or whatever
Screw that phony shit
So Imma cut the beat out, and recite the lyrics for your ass
Man who does that?
Who does that?
Not any regular brown man zeen
Aiight aiight aiight
It goes

[Verse: Recital]
Pretty boy Gaza
a youngster who lives in Orange Farm
He dislikes the township 'cause it's barely ever calm
Desperate starving kids they be up in them corners
watching your every move like a hawk you would think they're street owners
Everybody trying to make ends meet 25/8 366 this ain't a fantasy it's all live
Nyaope fiends asking for 50 cents daily
some of them brothers are even lazy to feed their own belly
So little G is got two close friends he goes to school with right
all of em into cheddar, working smart they never quit
Messing with the ghetto? Nah
that's probably out their minds somehow they just never got caught up in that route
Yo whenever they’re together it's less of talk about chicks’ asses
they be trying to find various ways of acquiring assets
With how they think believe me they way beyond masses
plans of changing the world that you would never get from these school classes
But, back to little G’s reality right
streets from around his hood ain’t safe mad packed with poverty
Which makes most of them brothers care about nobody
cause all of them ruthless now
turned heartless now
with crooked smiles
every human face looks “hangry” pal
Hungry and angry, makes it feel like hell is empty and all of them demons are here now

I wrote, I wrote the whole thing with Mobb Deep’s “Get Away” instrumental
That’s why the chorus would go like, it would sound like
(Little Gaza wants to get away
From this foul reality that he’s exposed to on the daily basis
Get away, get away, get away, get away, get away
Little Gaza wants to get away) woo
Hold, wait for it
Ooh woouuu