Trap (Prod. by Rizo)


Follow Back (2018)

verse 1-Zestar
Honestly take a seat u just can't compete
Pardon me it's not hate u just obsolete
If u came with your bars take your bars
And leave
Know all of your tricks, bring longer sleeves
When I do it looks easy
I know niggas still rapping 2 please
I started rapping 4 me
And all I'm getting is beef
They say they great but they'll never deceive
Its funny how they start shit they'll never achieve

Safe 2 say I'm lyrically gifted
I'm fucken insisting, sit down and listen
Oh no nigga slow, probably missed it.
U gotta admit it Zestar is one of the illest

My level unknown coz they cannot reach me
I dnt care if u fuck with a gini u
U under my feet so u practically facing defeat
It's funny they say u hot
But wen u see me u freeze
heard yhem talking beef buh now they talking peace
Honestly I look down 2 ur peak
That's a secret I can't keep
Claim u king but u bow 2 the kid
man the shit is unreal
U do dis cause u tryna appeal
These young niggas killing them selves man they popping these pills
U niggas weak so y'all claim 2 b Ill

I do this, in my sleep plus I feel like I'm living a dream
To keep it real I'm just facing my fears
I got script that were written with tears

9 years later I'm still
It's all clear they screaming no fear
But they all scared

Nigga please
They must admit, u overrated
U can't debate it
You faking greatness
it's hard 2 say this
Buh we gotta face it your shit is basic

verse 2-Rizo
So sick and you know got this. If I say I go kill it, know I'm speaking in past tense.
Young boy you just know can't match this, you can go and just practice like you do in your math class and your shit doesn't add up

On the road to the top should I give you directions, hoping you got the passion, if so then I know that you'll manage.
Elevating like some sort of attraction.
Follow back you should check out the track list.
Started back in the classes, teacher teaching im scripting, all my niggas done listened,
To the shit i was spitting...
Mindset to the goal you couldn't crush my spirit.
And you know that we gifted, this kid is different. "sit down and listen"

Check where we heading its getting better by stages, i do this shit on a daily.
I put a flow that is crazy, make sure the lyrics Amazing.
I put the work not just patient.
I realized she needs loves.
With all the nagging and stuff.
So i just rolled me a blunt just to get deep in my mind.
I really give her my time and let her do what she wants. She kept