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Real name Clive Ngwenya born 26 November in the year 2000 ,citizened in Mpumalanga province (City Nelspruit) (South Africa) better known by his stage name (Hustle_Tee) Rapper ,producer ,composer.

The rapper started scripting his own rap lyrics at the age 7 ,ever since his mother bought him a school dictionary ,at the other hand got his older brother who was also a Hip-Hop fan.

Which had an influencing hand in Clive being a music mate. “My big brother used to script a bunch of both English and Jargon words and then phrase them into a song ,I really had interest in what he was doing so I started creating my own phrases in my head as well…” says the young rapper.

He also shared the story behind his stage name “Hustle_Tee” which fully written as “Hustle To Elevate Everything” ,claiming he established the meaning himself. As time passed ,Clive began writing his own music at the age of 9 when he got exposed to new school mates who introduced him to the external Hip_Hop scene.

Hustle_Tee is a former member of a Hip-Hop group (Rivals) and was also signed under the label (Rockville records) established in Mpumalanga Nelspruit. The 17 year old artist is hard working and creating his own path to the Music Industry, he was featured on many songs with his late crew and shared a room with outsiders involving N-Jay , F-hard, J-styles ,etc.

Hustle_Tee is making moves & putting more hard work on achieving his goal of being a world known rapper and motivate others as he did get motives from big old school names like Tupac Shakur,
Dre ,Eminem ,B.I.G ,Immortal Technique and to mention the New age names with the likes of J.Cole ,Kendrick Lamar ,Joey etc.

The independent rapper also mentioned he’s working on his first studio mixtape titled “M.M.T.W.G.R” (Marley Makes The World Go Round) which will be released on the 18th of July 2018 and he started the year with his hit single which dropped on January 7th titled “Subliminal Status” , which he produced himself ,the rapper announced more hot music to come before the whole project is released. Hustle_Tee is making his way to the doors in the industry and ambitious on achieving what he set to Believe. © Copyright reserved.

Twitter: @iamhustletee
Instagram: @hustleteeworldwide
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Marley Makes The World Go Round (Mixtape)