I see her floating lazily
Through the market like a butterfly, oh yeah
I won't forget the day the sun came shining in
Hey hey na
Oh yeah
Just like the dawn, bringing in the rays for that sunshine in Congo
A flaming torch she lit up the marketplace so brightly

Colors as in a flower garden
Gracing her lappa shimmering in purples and yellows
And all the shades sparkling in the skies in the rainbows of the Congo

Corn row hair in a million braids
Eyes lit up like the northern star
A smile that leaves a spell when she goes to look into my eyes
She turning me on with fever
As she passes me by, hey mama

Suddenly I'm walking right beside her, really turning her on
When I tell her I'm going wherever
She'll be going when she leaves the market

Right away I go to carry her bag of vegetables
We walk towards the road that goes down to the village, ooh mama
She locks the door that leads into her hut
I say wolo mama, wolo mama, iyoh

The talking drums and the xylophones
All the tom toms and the tumbas they were wailing
We had a night time of ecstasy
And we woke up to the roar of the lion
She had to rise to the market place
To her vegetable stall at the market place
That's where the sun rises

I won't forget the day the sun came shining in