Unread Messages ( Intro )

Unread Messages ( Intro ) (Prod. by Geo Aquer )

Hazard Illmatic

Midnight Madness (2019)


Unread Messages (Intro)

(Welcome to voicemail, please leave a voice or fax message after the the tone)

( Voicemail hape, Yo' dawg Hazard, waddup? E munna ntse kere keyao phounela Joe, since since ho tlowa maobane kere keyao phounela. What's this that I hear o batla ho quita music? O quita music jwang Joe? Music wao hloka munna, BHM yao hloka, Free State yao hloka Joe. We need your music Joe. Keng Joe? what's the stunt you pulling? What you tryna do bro? You cant stop doing music now, you cant stop producing music now dawg c'mon. Otherwise call me when you get this. We need to talk, Like sit down man to man, re shebane ka mahlong, we need to talk nigga. )

(So I want you to be hungry hunny, I want you to be hungry. And I want you to know that there's gonna be jealousy, there's gonna be obstacles, problems you know, financial problems. A lot of things, lack of support from people. Mara neh I want you to never stop believing in yourself cause honey you got this. You know, o kile wa utlwa bare like you have to put your mind on a thing hore e etsahale, so don't stop doing that.. and yeah man I love you so much & I can't wait to see your assss )

( the end )