I wanna be rich (remix)

The Remix
haemusic yeah woh

[verse 1 Haem-O]
I'm the nigga at the front and at the back and in the middle is a finger starin' at your hatin' ass
I came here to make a mess
Always working at the nest
Niggas think we neck and neck
(Aw've nje imihlolo yam')
You don't know the hell I came
Don't be yeppin' on ma name
Givva fuck about the fame
I came here to get the bag..
I been at the lab..
Working on ma shish!
This that work
Got the ATM boss in this shh ha
!See the struggle never fazed me
!Working till it pays me
!You lucky granma raised me,
I would be an ass
Gave myself no other option but to win in this shit
I get lost in this shit man
No aborting mission

[(I wanna be rich
So I pray for it
Woke up and I work for it)×2
Hey! I wanna be rich
So I pray for it
Woke up and I work for it
Nigga! I wanna be huu!
So I pray for it
Woke up and I work for it]

[verse 2 Emtee]
Ok I need another whip
Private jet trips
Squad in the mix
Grindin hard hittin licks
Playin rugby with the bricks
And ma goons be with em sticks
'Case you niggas got some tricks
Fuck with me I take your bitch
I got a loose screw
I need a new cool
Gimme the loot too
Got too many new shoes
I'm the leader of the new school
Them boys is foo foo
Ama chain ama bini coz I'm too cool
I'm in the burbs but I still drive to the bando
Got the keys like a piano
Whippin niggas call me Django
Hard to handle
You ain't got the memo
I'm a hero in the ghetto and the money sayin hello


[Verse 3 Haem-O]
Satsi s'sokola bas'hleka
Sasebenta bahleli
Nyalo s'yahola batsin'
Ang'keva lutfo!
Damn niggas on dumb dumb shit
See now they bump ma shit
And niggas is on ma dick
How predictable
Nah I ain't did it to feed ma ego
I did it for ma people,
When shit get hard I keep going, just to show
Ain't non impossible
You should see the swag man
I done re-uped !oh hallelujah..uuh
Praise God, same guy, came up from the place that
Nobody took serious
Now they getting all curious
Like Hello Mr Haemz, how you doing maaan
Do you want some pussy can I be your main
What da fuck is wrong with these bitches ey