Never Change

Never Change (Prod. by Gussie Blu)

Gussie Blu

Trials Of Sight (2018)



Life is showing a difference, I swear I haven't changed
I did a lot of wrongs, now I write about the lessons
who I hating on? Nigga I'm too old for that
sleep less work more beauty blurred eyes
Walking in my dream I got an open mind
I did a lot of wrongs, my handwriting is getting better
Who I hating on? Nigga I smoke alone
Sleep and beauty had to break up in my kingdom

Verse 1

Young nigga
With Empty pockets
but look carefully I got
A chest full of dreams
I'm gonna have to watch the words that I let out
But maybe they gotta be strong enough to take the truth in these words
I lost a lot of friends I guess we were acquainted
She broke my heart the down side she was never mine
Growing it's a heavy job my nigger
So work hard enough let yourself you got your own back

Verse 2

I'm the type of nigga never about the club life
Unless they wanna scream the name
I Never break the trust
I hardly sip that's okay I hardly celebrate
I get drunk from the work I had to celebrate
The road to the dream, have you found it easy
Hell no, there's a creepy hurdle waiting on you
All the BS just keeps testing on
I can never lose face to keep on winning
It's a tricky ride nigga never lose sight
It's a tricky game scratch lose on Trials
Stay humble but never kiss a nigga's ass
No one deserves a better you but yourself
Your mamma born a star, you better be a diamond
As heavy as it is, the shape is in the pressure
As heavy as it is, the pain is in the words
As heavy as it is, your dream is who you are