Let Em Burn

Let Em Burn (Prod. by Gussie Blu)

Gussie Blu

Trials Of Sight (2018)



Woke up in the morning and I said it's time to kill
No slugs, More words po-po gotta- get to chill
Bad bitch always popping on my screen
She doesn't really get it
We on a thread not a string

I'm getting too cold for the bitches
I'm getting too strong for my hommies

I got to let em Burn (X4)

I see a lot of fire man I need a hallelujah
They caught me off sight so I put on black shades
More phases
More hearts they got damaged
They need my mans and less of my patience
I grew kind of bitter my nigger
Lemons too sweet, Beyoncé made a lemonade
I'm 'bout to be a wreck
'Cause pops left early
And I never got Half of that talk
I can't really write you off (Hell No)
I'm the guy that you need (Yes Sir)
I'ma wait for you to show me that spade
You got to ace your game
Cause I already made you come (to my crib)
Without me (calling you)
That's how real, I made it feel
And now it burns, Like I'm the devil (X2)

(I got to let em Burn)
(Young Blu)