I Need It

I Need It (Prod. by Gussie Blu)

Gussie Blu

Trials Of Sight (2018)


[Verse 1]

He said I wouldn't dare throw in the towel
Rather throw the hoes and woes right back into the sea
I tried to side it
It just won't budge
So keep it working, don't get em in the feels
I'm coding my timeline to make a jam
Who said I couldn't be the hottest mother fucker in the game
Why you never think I'm never on the bed hommie
I'm hoping y'all mother fuckers take me to the top
I know I'm the only nigger with the flow
Which is why I gotta double up like I double bag it
I can have as many rhymes as a poet
But without the grind I won't make it to the game gates
Looking out the window got my mind on Bill gates
The deeper thought, forget about the money
Have you seen my country man, man I need the money
I need them bills, to come through the gate
They called to ask where we heading tonight
If we talking rags, GPS already on it
I'm only trying to do right
Let me get her on the phone I know she want it right


Would you let me
You know that I need it
I need a brick on the daily (On the daily)
You know that I need it

[Verse 2]

They pop a bottle
I be popping on another beat
I said I wanna celebrate
she said she's celibate
Ohh Lord I been sipping on the lemonade
Hair is messy, she looks good in that trials shirt
I would say it's my time
but you the one to decide
I been in the jungle hungry as a bitch
I can't believe he left us in the ditch
No biggie, she said that to your dick
I'm at the bottom of food chain
Hoping to get to the gravy train
This rap game is a cliff my nigger
Just hold on tight
We gon'make it dawg (dawg)


We gonna make it dawg
We gon' make em dawg
We gon'make em dawg (we gon' be alright)
we gon'make em dawg

Would you let me
You know that I need it
Would you