I guess you never know
That's where I wanna go


Look into my eyes then you'll see my real hunger
Trying to keep my head lights
I got the juice
Gotta keep me on the loop, I can't stop
Till I see a Hollywood sign
And a dime spelling my name
Matter fact who knows your name?
So, and so but
I believe I don't know just yet
Let me put in work with a mind of business
She wants me to herself but I won't let her
I need myself to take charge to my battles
Need take a cute walk to the bank
Blurred smile
Bad bitch
Rap chords
She claimed
Roll one, under the stars
Good memos no recovery
We did em thoughts
I always wanna say more but
Without my beat I won't let it all out
Real talk to my sub-side
Bad man gone idiot
With a blue halo
Lord I want a blue mustang
Foot on the gas
Left hand grabbing to her dying love
She a bad chick when I kiss her it goes with a dab
Humor gone bad


That's where I wanna go X4

Further look beyond Jigga
A bow to my ninjas who let me out
And said I gotta rap more
I gotta give more
Cross on my chest too lit we need more G
Brain report got an A plus
I needed A plus for the finals
I put me on the playlist
Gussie the villain? hero? who got bars
No S on my chest nor a cape flying to town
I got my kids learning before I plant the seed
They momma put an ass first pop champagne
Dreams worth the energy X2
I gotta give you more
Give it all G