Trials Of Sight

First self-produced album by Gussie Blu that made it's debut release on the 22nd of October 2018 and officially went live on streaming platforms on the 30th October. The album features only one artist by the name GentleBrother Jeff who works closely with Gussie Blu on production. "Writing the album using the rap guidelines such as rhyming is something I totally ignored in most of the featured tracks because my aim was to say my mind without having to worry about my lyric construction and mostly I wanted to derive and set my music direction from this first project". -Gussie Blu


# Title Length
1 Battles 2:37
2 Hold On 3:52
3 Attitude 3:19
4 All We Know 4:04
5 Never Change 2:37
6 I Need It 2:56
7 Poke 4:13
8 All My Problems 3:33
9 Let Em Burn 2:41
10 You Made Me 2:47
11 A Minute 3:31