Hood Politics

Hood Politics (Prod. by Blvck Eloh)

GrandMarkRecords ft Luchi

Who Would've Thought (By Luchi) (2018)

Intro: Yeah,
i heard niggas is talking about who's the king of this rap shit in my hood
I was laughing when they asked that cause i thought that shit was evident but anyway!

Verse: [Luchi]

My decency is really what
My weakness is
I dont seek perfection
I dont see the need to be
I don't need your credit
I dont do no features free
I dont duplicate it
Like you niggas often be
If i could follow trends then
I could lose a part of me
If i held a grudge
I wouldn't be so far and shit

Along the way these niggas changed
And it dont bother me
My success is like a threat
They never  want it near
They claiming that i got time
On my hands
Lately im just really tired and
I cant comprehend
If the subject isn't money
Then i never wanna hear shit

If you not bringing me value
I dont want you in my circle
I swear people are so temporary
Im never started tempted
In a generation where everybody is Growing selfish
They will never support if
They know you
Nigga forget it
But never let  that shit
Constrict your full potential

And failure is another the reason
You should try again
Black people competing though
They live in poverty
It doesn't add up
Instead we should be multying
If we Subtracted pride
Then we could never divide

Im really certain i could make it
With this music shit
If we talking rappers
Lately there's a few to pick
Cats on some future shit
Thats the shit yall do
To sell your albums
Follow all these trends
To become these one hit wonders
Niggas on Facebook acting like
They got some followers
Pages on a couples of Ks
But you aint poppin bruh
I guess all you wanted nigga
Is to be popular

Yeah man
I don't know
A lot of these niggas
Thought like
I talk a lot
I aint got shit to prove
I let this music shit speak for me
I let this shit speak on my behalf and shit
Yall niggas talking  a lot of shit
And yall hardly prove that shit yall talk about
I aint got the money so i let this music speak for me