Race (Prod. by Tesla)

GrandMarkRecords ft CeeJay

The Caps (2018)

Chorus: CeeJay

How bort a new car for the race
Me and you are not in the same page
Sam charges me like mikel
Don't have a licence you gonna raid in a bicycle.

Verse 1 : CeeJay

Ram bam boo gonna leave me hanging
Spin the bottle then kiss your bae
Smoking weed nigga that aint me
Pop the champain then start the race
Look at my rist plain ice
Look at your girl you two are together than nice. Than  every in this house to night.
Came in the game by wining.
Now they treat me like a vilan
So we get nothing for thanks giving X2
I came out of a bet
So mara every body laughs
I am off alone, no wing stone
I dont like to be me
My life is a degree
Many niggas disagree
My mom dause not know what i wanna be.
A raper officaly a dabs
Leave a space i might be a traper
Brade cold me
See i need my jerms
This niggas stell like worm
Off cause my niggas i am listening
This dont sniz nigga
Thats what i give back nigga
No money stack nigga
I put my problems together
Put a left on word
Nigga thats the sigb of health