[Verse 1]
You can't spit these bars like I do
I cycle through the Cape Flats
Heart of a pyru
Put my tracks out
Got them ninjas mad suicidal
Problematic when a kid this dope
Becomes your idol
If you hustle then don't mention my name
Focus on your fans, the racks, your presence on stage
My legs closed and I'd probably pop a youngin in the dick'ey
Now I'm graduating
Gradin A simple on my essay
Cut your pack of ratchet acts
Telling me I can't do that
I understand I'm good with raps
You scared to feature Gigi, man
I win so much they fix the matches
Shots they throw but no one catches
After twenty look what happened
Passed the D no Virgin Active

[Hook x2]
(Bafun iNcanca) All up in your face like a zit (x3)
Aah, mean with the verse

[Verse 2]
I've battled
Big men with the egos of Goliath
Vele s'vaya nama pitbull
And these poodles on a riot
Nje nge Bongo Muffin
Thina sin'thathel' isghubu
Leading the new school
Phela ang'zelang ubuduzu
Bachomela amafans
But you know they created you
New wave coming ain't no laps for a heated pool
Si stay­a cool
Cav iApple Munch
What you sayin dude
You can't sit with us
While our spits are higher altitude
Been rapping since before I ever got my first cycle
Got a bible and a python, chimpanzees and six rifles
Yeah people
I'm schooling I need a grant from the government
I'm the newest chair aph' eParliament


[Verse 3]
I've been there
since the begining of time
I've been modified to suit the yearning ears of the blind
Squad deeper than Lonmin
Gold slabs in our pockets
Watch your mouth when you gasp
'Cause see these shoes that I'm walkin!
Flow so hard I pad(iPad) on this motherfucker
I Mac so hard, there's apple gravy in this motherfucker
Rattatoule, set your cards right man you know the drill
Feelin like a youngin that just copped her happy meal
There's no stopping my awesome I'm rising deep form the garbage
I'm cocking glocks for the tired, I'm a jaw­cracking cartilage
And I'mma explode like I'm larva
How 'bout a toast to madalas
Who set the pace for this problem
A blueprint for these mammas
Never been a Facebook status so don't like me
Springbok attitude, you rappers wanna try me
Daar kom die waarheid, jou hele spaan is 'n graapie
My crew slaughter like Eminem, so don't touch me
You ain't never seen the inside of a taxi my ninja
After robot, short left, nah, you fancy my ninja
Well I'll take you down to Bree street scream
Rock a royal rumble, John Cena, you can't see me
I'm in hard, better trust this Durex that gives you choice
I ain't vouching for salads and pasta
I'm cementing my voice
I'm controlling the mic here's to my daily devotion
I got them crawling on the floor like Rebecca Malope