Lolo (x2)

[Verse 1]
You gon sleep with one eye open
You a Fetty Wap
You know, gassed up
Squeeky clean earn my stripes like a day job
Ningabo feil pop
Tank tops fake watch
Militia vision by snake palms
Legendary like Ray Charles
Alibi dead you no case soft
You blew me to the sheep but now I'm twerking with the wolves
What's a gold chain to a druggie creeping in my fucking hood
Eat em all
I'm the boogie man in these streets
Neck is getting tired looking down on your little peeps
I like the mood where you come through with your bag of attitude
But when you see me you go SHHH
Oh I wish a ninja would
Got that slow
That G flow tighter than a pantyhose
Your only asset is your stupid stank cameltoe
Panic though when they be painfully asking
And I'll be asthma attacking and you to hell with the bragging
That's like a fist­headed dragon
And only way I leave is suicide
Mdu siza ngemoto bathi homey is do or die


[Verse 2]
Bring your top 3 rappers and you know you gotta mention me
Is that your weave
Light it up and fly it out with carosine
Oh they scared (x2)
Mogodu swagger jacking honies
Oh they scared (x2)
These Trevor Noahs acting funny
Strike twice I got that voodoo flow bashing out like lightning
Gave you jungle fever
Been directing kings like Spike Lee
Cold hotter than hot
Now grab your speakers and bop
It's absolute and we've been chosen for that uno the spot
You eye candy I'm soulful
Bitter mommas y'all so rude
Murder albums freestyling on interludes I done told you
These children in the millions gonna sing this revelation
They'll be squatting at my shows like Christmas time at park station

Attend it on the floor, attend­ attend it on the floor (x4)