2016 is here, let’s go get ’em! (Channel O)

2015 was all about the hustle
Say they had the full thing swag, the fashion, umswenko, monate
Even when the streets get narrow on point
Like a narrow doing one wheeler's on our bikes
Son like wheelbarrows
We were ahead, of the feet that's tapping
The lips is rapping on point like GPS tracking
We stacking, navigating highways
A corner hustle and flow
So here’s a toast to all dream seekers
Switching up the flow
So here we go
Channel O
This year we turned up for sho
We popped bottles, made some doe
But who ever thought a kid from Maftown
Would ever fill up the dome
Trevor Noah representing for the country yo
Then picked up a pen
Records were made
Then broken again
Said dlala ka yona, dlala ka yona, dlala ka yona
KO breaking youtube stats
Zola’s back
A blast from the past
Malumekoolkat, we take of our hats
Boyz n Bucks put us on the map
Back to the city made history
You couldn’t go to a party without vibbing to Anathi
Breakthrough DJ of the year goes to, Black Coffee
And dance nation of the year, that’s us mzansi
Aka gets global acclaim
A star was born and Big Johnson is his name
And big ups to the fellows celebrating ten years in the game
Proverb and Khuli
HHP and Amu
We out here giving props to all of you
And ladies coming up
Nadia Nakai, Nomuzi, Fifi Cooper, Rouge
And myself Gigi Lamayne
The game is ours to take
Flabba may be gone
But man his hustle lives on
And ma unga gcwali
Asi culi siya conductor
If gole monate re tlabe rele daar
Si shishiliza ama tiera egusheshe eskontirini
We kasi lase ma sababsini
To every beat box, beat boy and girl
Backroom beat makers
The nobody’s that become somebody’s
The house heads that become house hold names
Not here to play
But taking down names
We won’t stop till we all made
But the biggest shout out
Goes to the movement of the year
Big ups to each and every one of y’all
Here’s to a dope 2016
And here’s what we gon do
Keep putting out hot videos for you to bump to
When rolling with your woes
And to you
Big ups to you
In whatever you do
I’m out