Form & Function Part 2 (EP)

The band has dropped the second EP in the trilogy. The new EP includes the band’s new hit ‘Something’ as well as five brand new tracks.

This time around, the band chose a few tracks they made which didn’t make it onto the first EP in the trilogy and went on to write 20 new tracks, ultimately narrowing it down to six. The album was self-produced by the band and recorded at Echoes Studios in Durban by Brendan ‘Rusti’ Rossouw in February 2016. Not bound by any rules, the band focused on distilling the ‘feel’ of each song and creating material that would leave a lasting emotional effect after listening to it.

The band also stepped into the producer role this time around – something they had never done before. Although a challenge, the band produced a fantastic collection of tracks and created an album they’re incredibly proud of. The band took a new approach when recording this album but their essence remains – powerful songs, heartfelt performances, inspiring production and arrangements and a few choruses that you can already tell you’ll be singing along to at their next show.


# Title Length
2 Follow 3:13
5 Something 3:45