On the run

Verse 1:
Mandla N:
Feet dont fail me not
Police sirens just cloud my head
My heart boom boom skipping the beat
The shot gun bang bang bringing the heat
My lifes in danger I have to admit
I look at Naturelle shes still breathing
I pitch Riot hes still feeling
Police creeping
Guns reeling
Coz its

GI on the run
Catch us if you can
GI on the run
We got to get that cash
GI on the run
Better lock up all your doors
Cos it;s GI on the run
Police on our trail

Verse 2:
Lady Naturelle:
1, 2
We are running to success and no where else
3, 4
Keep on running we are taking nothing less
Run, run
We are running we;re not stopping
Gonna make that money
Run, run
On the airwaves in the paper
GIs taking over
Taking over X2

Repeat Chorus

Verse 3:
On your marks
Get set
Are you ready for this
Ngama hit, nama beat
(with hits and ..)
Ngege nisenze niks
(you can&t touch us)
Mamela uBruce noMazola
(Listen to Bruce and Mazola)
Mfana thatha matips
(and learn)
Nawe ngwana to the dance floor
(you too lady)
Shake amahips

Sekshubile, se isukile
(it's on now)
GI on the move sesfikile
(were here)
Ncgono umele le or ubaleke
(get out the way, or runaway)
Mrapanyana vele angeke usimele
(amature hiphop artist, you cant stand us)

Repeat Chorus