Human Angels

We believe you could do anything... if you didn't try at all
We believe the sun spins in your palm everyday and you don't notice it at all...
But try a little harmony: see if you can suspend your disbelief
Forget about your destiny
Get off your feet and live!
Get off your feet and...
I believe in human angels- I believe they walk around barefoot and wear funny hats
I believe in human fairies- I believe they think they're children and they're fond of cats... Of cats!
I believe in human angels- I believe they don't cared for watches or pink underwear
Everyday they walk right through you
Trying to catch a glimpse of the sunshine they once buried in you
Jojo was a human angel
she used to work at the corner shop around the corner from me
she believed in human fairies 'cos she saw one
on that trip when she was just 17: 'venteen!
Everyone's a human angel...
although we don't all go for the bare feet and the funny hats (we were made from golden sunshine)