In late 2004, Freshlyground released their very successful album, Nomvula. Although the uptake of the album was initially slow, it eventually went on to achieve double platinum status locally. Initial success was largely due to the catchy, feel-good, lyrics of Doo Be Doo, which enjoyed significant play on local radio, it also covered in Indonesian by singer Gita Gutawa. Follow-up hits included I'd like and the signature track Nomvula, the former achieving unprecedented success on radio charts such as the 5FM Top 40, where it remained at No. 1 for several weeks


# Title Length
1 I Am the Man 4:54
2 Nomvula 4:43
3 Manyana 5:10
4 Vanish 5:17
5 Zithande 4:36
6 I'd Like 6:22
7 Doo Be Doo 5:11
8 Things Have Changed 4:14
9 Buttercup 5:34
10 Human Angels 6:22
11 Father Please 4:00
12 Mobray Kaap 6:01
13 Touch in the Night 2:42