Whole Thing

We want the whole!
We want the whole
Uh whole, whole, whole

We want the whole thing, whole thing
We want, we want, we want the whole thing, whole thing (x3)

Tell me do you know
Trying not to break down when your bank account says you broke
Waking up to dream killers with a bunch of niggas at the store
Surrounded by niggas who live up to fill up their livers
It’s easy to give up
I’m bout to be lit up, I’m bout to be lit up
Fuelled up, fuelled up, fuelled up, riding with the tank low
Ain’t nobody, nobody, nobody, I could bank on but the bankroll
Tell my nigga keep the dank rolled
Need me mine like its Anglo
Love me angels
That would do it for the bands tho
You could do it on my man pole, better handle
The good feller
Henry hill, sell my story to the booksellers
Off season with the pockets, watch the shit swell up
Tell your hook up I’m the hook up for the wholesalers
Need my whole set up, nigga rep rep
Kill the scene while they busy making death threats
See the team too strong we don’t need to flex
They ain't never been a broad I needa impress, I find her yet
Or maybe I’m just over it
Too busy sobering
Drinking henny got me 2 stepping
Drink it straight mixed with no beverage
Same old G on some new habits
Might just DM Angie Miss Lavish
Might just tell her that I like em all and your flaws happens to be my preference


I don’t need no niggas no, no, no
Niggas who got tell me whose who, bitches who got tell me whose new ,No,no, no,no
Oh its getting heated on this cold stove
We could do the feature, its gon cost tho
I’m not Pun or Biggie, I’m colossal
Oh, where my bitches at? where my bitches at?
I need all you back (x3)
Scrolling down my phone (x3)
Searching for ya’ll, you know I’m a dog
And I got them on the pedigree
The boy finna blow, TNT
Presidential status on that ANC
Dog I need me carrots that they ain’t see
Oh no, oh no
Need me something flashy for these photos
Love my women classy speaking Porto
Drink my henny dashless on the rocks tho
My road to riches is a one way
She still had me driving out to Fourways
Straight out the 1-6 for foreplay
And I know that small talks your forte
Okay, I’m on the road
Digging for some diamonds in the city of the gold
Hardly on the greens but I’m always on the go
Hardly ever seen with some niggas I don’t know