Something From Me

[Verse 1]
Too much opulence in my confidence
Look at all the deals that they offer him, all for him
To show up in his new Balenciaga
New phase, the new saga, the star, the panty dropper
The car, the ghost pop up, out of nowhere
As spooky as it is, man there’s no fear, oh fear, oh yeah
La vida loca is what we oath here, so rare, oh we’re
Moguls in the making, making moguls, go too’s
Protools, protocol, pros and cons
Consequences of being way too, way too on, way too on, way too gone
Going like I’m never stopping
Here’s something you won’t like man I’m never stopping
Always shopping, for new desires but never buy into what they talking
No music vents just twitter rants, they always talking, keep stalking
My profile on the low, while I’m working on getting my tires on the low pro
All the people around me are inspiring
Can’t burn me out, man I’m tiring
Frank is tailored made as the attire on him
And I know the envy weighs as much as they admire him
CEO flow on the job, can’t fire him
If I were you too I’d also wish I were him ,yeah, yeah
Here’s another masterpiece, to my art museum
I guess this the record for those who’ve been fuelling him
Fooling him, is a no, no, you should all know
Auto motor when I manoeuvre, ooh I, Knew I
Was a special case, when I was born during a comma
Been through thick and thin, now we trying to tone up
Our days at the Daytona, politicians, business owners, whenever we pick the phone up
Ring, ring, does it ring a bell?
Something from me, something from myself to you

[Verse 2]
They wish you well until you’re well on your wishes
We burning up swishers, while they burning up bridges
The vision is just too vivid, for us to be ass kissing, no, no
The train is moving, oh no, you just missed it, like ah, there it goes
You just missed your exit, Frank is too expert to be desperate
Best threads, legs spread, bedspreads, so wet, so wet, moët, moët, ah yeah, ah yeah,ah yeah all year
And we taking all your women, silky as Montana with the linen
Protagonist got her tagging with the villain, what a feeling
Feeling like a million dollar home, with high ceilings, yeah
For every prices there’s a sacrifice
I done sold my car to be a star, story of my life
Ironic right? How this killed beat simply give me life
How I tell my visions from your living room televise
Look mama I’m on TV
Just before the riches, that’s my song, that’s the DG
Frank, when you dropping a EP?
The sound is international, is he really where we be?
GP blue number plate, the city where gold be
Got your bae camping like its Clifton at coast beach
We don’t pay for numbers like these labels for post reach
The character in me is calculated like post tweets
OG, OG, kush up, kush up, kush up
On the la la, I need your V for entertainment Lala
Bad ting, bad ting, bad ting, you me reggae
Young, heartless and famous
What a life that I’m chasing
I cannot live basic
Something from me and I embrace it